Current Curated

A curated collection of my new and recent original work

I usually sell my work in the form of original paintings only with no prints and generally, I enjoy painting Roundway Hill and local landscapes around Devizes Wiltshire.

An exception to this is a series of floral still life I painted as a direct response to the beautiful garden flowers bursting into life during the first lockdown of April 2020. You can now purchase 3 of these as limited edition Giclée prints. My idea being to bring you some joyful Spring images as colourful art prints. Perfect for adding fresh new interior colour or as a birthday or Mother's Day present. For details and purchase info please take a look at my New Art Prints.

All my paintings are in pastel or pastel and acrylic, framed or unframed.

I hope you will enjoy browsing through my collection of pastels and pastels with acrylic underpainting here on my website.

Alternatively, if you would like to see my paintings in person please call 07731 476760 to arrange a visit.

And you can always buy a Gift Voucher for someone special, so they can choose an artwork for themselves.

A Frosty Walk in Chittoe

4 Paintings inspired by a recent walk in Chittoe on a frosty afternoon with the sun streaming through the trees giving the landscape an amazing fairy tale film set feel.

First Frost, Chittoe

As the Frost Melts, Chittoe

Sun on the Frost, Chittoe

Lingering Frost, Chittoe

All are painted with Unison Colour Soft Pastels on Fisher 400 sanded paper, approx 48x68cm, unframed, mounted and wrapped. Can be collected directly from me, or I can deliver locally.

£950 each

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In Between the Rain

During 2020, the rainbow has become an important symbol of hope to everyone. It therefore seems particularly poignant to me to have witnessed so many beautiful rainbows throughout this year.

Only Unison Colour Soft Pastels give me the texture and intensity of colour that I need when painting.

Pastel on Fisher 400 sanded paper 47cm x 47cm unframed, mounted and wrapped. Can be collected directly from me, or I can deliver locally.


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Splash of November Sun

Painted en plein air, in early November from the end of my garden, this is the view across a neighbour's paddock. A beautiful morning with unexpected sun and blue sky, augmenting the last bit of autumnal colour of the silver birches. There were not many leaves left, but what were there were so colourful. The last few golden leaves before they disappeared in the wind.

Using Unison Colour Soft Pastels I have captured the morning's colours on Pastelmat.

47cm x 33cm unframed, mounted and wrapped. You are welcome to collect in person from me, or I can deliver locally.


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Along the Ditch

Painted en plein air on a beautiful bright cold October day. I couldn't resist getting out in the fields to paint in the sunny blue skies and this wonderful light. With Roundway and Beacon Hills behind me, I chose a view across the freshly cleared ditch.

22cm x 63cm using Unison Colour Soft Pastels on Senellier pastel card.

The painting is unframed, mounted and wrapped. I am happy to deliver locally, or you are welcome to collect directly from me.


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2 sunflower pastels painted en plein air. Both painted in a field of sunflowers below Roundway Hill, near Devizes Wiltshire. Such a lovely joyful boost to find the sunflowers still very colourful in late September.

Still loving Unison Colour Soft Pastels for their intensity of colour for sunflowers and the long format, which works so well for this subject.

22cm x 67cm Sunflowers painted on Pastelmat.


16cm x 48cm September of Sunflowers painted on Fisher400.


Both are unframed, mounted, wrapped and can be delivered locally or collected from me directly.

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In the Clover Field

The clover has been so beautiful in this field especially on a sunny day. I have a feeling that I might be painting a series from here.

There are also inspiring views into the distance with the fading layers of oak trees or I might paint the spinney in the far corner where Oliver's Castle looms over the top.

32cm x 39cm painted using Unison Colour Soft Pastels.


The painting is unframed and can be collected directly from me, or I can deliver locally.

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