Cathy Pearce Painting my world

Associate Artist for Unison Colour

I am a landscape painter with a specific interest in pastel, although I do enjoy painting still life and using mixed media as well. I am also an Associate Artist for Unison Colour. Unison Colour make the extraordinary pastels, with which I paint every day, so I am thrilled to be able to work with them more closely, promoting their Handmade Soft Pastels.

My latest venture with Unison Colour is their Free 5 Day Pastel Challenge. Over the course of 5 days, I challenge you to paint my floral still life "Spring Dance." There are daily instructions, advice and demos to lead you through my composition, enabling you to replicate the spring flowers, glass vase with its reflections and playful black grass. Most importantly it's free, so why not register and have some fun?

I have been painting and drawing ever since being a toddler, always making things and being creative generally. I graduated from Central St Martins College of Arts and Design with a BA (Hons) in Printed and Constructed Textile Design.

I now live on the edge of Roundway Down, with my potter husband Nick Pearce. I paint in my garden studio and have a converted garage, which is my gallery and teaching room, where I hold a number of open studios and workshops throughout the year.

I love to paint the landscape on my doorstep, particularly Roundway Down. In my mind, travelling to paint is a waste of painting hours, especially as I very much enjoy painting my world.

As I walk through the fields around Roundway, I might do some sketching and take lots of photos. All the time I'm thinking about my painting compositions, so I may take 30 photos plus of the same view to get the right composition, where I have really perfected my viewpoint. It is this absolute composition, which I will then use later in my studio, rather than outside, to produce a finished piece of work.